"Buy it Again" Email Add-on

Send Customers Automated Emails of Previously Purchased Products
PD/ONE Buy it Again emails are sent to customers who have previously purchased certain products in your web site. Rules can be automatically or manually configured to determine which product emails are sent along with the timing and messaging used for the emails.

This is a great way to send highly targeted emails to existing customers, especially if your site sells consumable products or gifts.
  • Send Automated Buy it Again Emails to Customers

    • Presents opportunity for customers to buy it again for frequently re-purchased products.
    • Great for consumable products or products that are often re-purchased as a gift for a friend or family member.
  • Customizable Email Templates

    • Allows you to customize email templates that are used for different types of products.
    • Configure and customize as many templates as you need.
  • Manual or Automated Rules Creation

    • Automated Rules configuration based upon how re-orderable a product is according to order history.
    • Automated Rules send based upon the average number of days between orders for a particular product.
    • Manually Configure Override rules to set special templates or rules for individual products.
  • Automated Purchase Tracking / Email Suppression

    • The customer's order history and purchased are tracked, so emails are not sent when a customer has already re-purchased.
This Add-On requires email credits. Learn more about PD/ONE email credits.
E.g. "www.mystore.com"

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