Why Practical Data?

We Don't Make Stores. We Make Stores Better.

What We Do

We created PD/ONE to better serve Turbify Store merchants with a suite of best-in-class, advanced, customer engagement features. Put simply, our solutions help you to convert visitors into lifelong customers.

Convert and Retain Customers

Increasing engagement is critical to converting and retaining customers. PD/ONE provides customer-friendly, best-in-class features that work together to engage, convert and retain customers in your store.

Best in Class Features

Whether it's Promotions, Rewards, Product Reviews, or Customer Q&A, we work hard to create and maintain industry-leading features designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with your Turbify Store.

ONE Subscription Simplifies Billing and Management

Simplify monthly billing by consolidating features into a single PD/ONE subscription. PD/ONE features work seamlessly together with a consolidated and consistent admin dashboard.

How It Works

Start with a PD/ONE Subscription Plan

from $25/mo.

It all starts with a PD/ONE subscription plan. Select from any of our available subscription products (Loyalty & Referral Rewards, Product Reviews, Q&A, Search, etc.) or build your own plan by choosing options a la carte. Scale capabilities and support as you grow with our Standard, Pro and Enterprise levels.

Expand with PD/ONE Add-ons

Pay a one-time fee to install and instantly improve your store experience, administration capabilities, reporting and more! These features do not change your recurring subscription cost.

Superior Customization and Consulting

With more than a decade of e-commerce experience, we know cookie-cutter products and services rarely work for more seasoned merchants. We are here to help! The PD/ONE platform allows for in-depth customization of existing features and creation of additional, completely custom modules. Engage with us on an hourly programming basis to further enhance our features for your store.

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