My Account Login for Turbify Stores

Advanced Customer Registration, Many Add-ons Available
from $ 39
per month
One-time Setup Fee $200
  • All subscription plans include the full feature set
  • Your plan is based on average monthly order count (over last year)
  • Contact us for annual plan pricing and discounts

A Repeat Customer is Your Best Customer

Engage visitors with increased convenience, interactivity and features that personalize and enhance your store's shopping experience. The My Account system extends Turbify's store platform to provide customer centered applications and a platform for advanced development.

Extendable and Customizable Solution
Dozens of add-ons are available to extend the functionality and feature set of your account system. From rewards, gift registry to wholesale solutions you'll never run into a wall when you're ready to enhance your offerings.
  • Facebook Login

    • Allows customers to register and log in quickly with Facebook.
    • Still allows customers to register directly with your web site, should they choose.
  • Customizable Registration Screens and Custom Fields

    • Customize the layout of registration screens, questions asked and required fields.
    • Add custom fields to be asked during registration that can be exported for marketing purposes later.
  • Native Responsive Design

    The My Account system utilizes a responsive design to natively support desktop/table and mobile modes.
  • Order History

    • View order history, status and tracking numbers.
    • One step re-ordering from a list of previously purchased products.
  • Saves & Pre-fills Customer Shipping & Billing Information

    • Save and update shipping & billing addresses.
    • Conveniently pre-fills customer info during checkout.
  • Streamlined Registration Process

    • Present minimal fields for faster registrations.
    • Automated data entry system for customers completes shipping & billing fields on first order.
  • Automation

    • Orders load into the my account system as they're received.
    • Synchronization with your store catalog.
    • Automated header/footer synchronization.
  • Administrative Tools

    • Export My Account data and email addresses for marketing efforts.
    • Impersonate customers (great for phone representatives).
    • Merge customer accounts.
  • Customization to match look & feel of your Turbify Store

    • Custom colors, graphics and CSS style.
    • Easily sync your template/wrapper from Turbify store.

Select a Subscription

Standard Up to 500 orders per month
$ (39) / mo
$ (420) / year
$35.00 / mo
Professional 500 - 2,500 orders per month
$ (69) / mo
$ (745) / year
$62.08 / mo
Enterprise 2,500 - 5,000 orders per month
$ (99) / mo
$ (1070) / year
$89.17 / mo
One-time Setup Fee $200.00

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Please contact us for a pricing estimate if your volume exceeds 5,000+ orders per month.
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