PD/ONE Customer Questions & Answers

Engage Customers & Increase Buying Confidence

Overview & Benefits

  • Provides an easy way for customers to ask product-specific questions
  • Automatically builds a mini-FAQ of customer questions and answers for every product page
  • SEO-friendly!

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One-time Setup Fee

$ 100 00

  • Engage Customers & Increase Confidence

    Allow customers to ask a question on any page. Over time, published content enhances both the SEO value as well as increases conversion with valuble insight provided by you and your customers.
  • Search Engine Friendly Content

    Static content is published to pages so it is fully indexable by Google and other search engines.
  • Easy Moderation, Private or Published Option

    Choose private or published option on a per question/answer basis. Private mode allows you to email with the customer directly. Published content will appear on your store, where it can be commented on. Easily search all data in Q&A tool.
  • Automated Answer Invitations

    Optionally email customers who bought the product an invitation to answer a question submitted by another customer.
  • Customer Photos

    Customers can include up to three photos with their question or answer.
  • Verified Buyer

    Show a Verified Buyer badge on answers (or questions) that were submitted buy a confirmed customer.
  • Insights Reporting

    Track performance of emails as well as general reports on question and answers content.

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