Case Study: Outdoor Interactive, Inc.

Outdoor Interactive, Inc. is a diversified direct marketing company that sells a broad line of products and accessories for hunting, shooting sports, marine, camping, archery, freshwater fishing and other outdoor activities through a personalized print catalog and the Internet.

Like many small businesses, Outdoor Interactive competes in a market that is crowded with competitors and dominated by the big boys of the industry. Given the seemingly unlimited resources of the industry titans, how can a small company like Outdoor Interactive compete?

Recognizing Assets

For Outdoor Interactive, being a small company is an asset. While there are certainly advantages to being a large company, it's important to recognize that there are advantages to being a small company, as well. Speed, focus and efficiency are three that come to mind.

Recognizing the differences, good and bad, between yourself and your competitors can help to form and reinforce your company identity. Knowing who you are leads to smarter decisions and more motivated employees.

While Outdoor Interactive may not be small forever, they can leverage of and foster small company advantages as a stategic asset along the way.

Leveraging Technology

Practical Data helps Outdoor Interactive recognize and embrace this advantage by scaling the services that the company can provide using technology rather than additional headcount.
  • Logo Design
  • Website & Interface Design
  • Programming
  • Database
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Site Management

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