How to Maintain your PD My Account when Redesigning your Turbify Store


If you are redesigning your Turbify store, these steps can be followed to help ensure a smooth transition for your PD My Account and related features.

1) Make sure your pd- prefixed files and templates are not deleted.
The files in your store that are prefixed with pd- must be maintained. These are usually pd-data-export , pd-image-data , pd-publish-timestamp and pd-template .

2) Make sure that the pd-template.html file continues providing the header/footer in the expected format. Particular care must be taken to ensure that the pd-template.html file continues providing the header/footer wrapper. You can find documentation for this page under Admin Tools -> Synchronization -> Update Header/Footer HTML -> Instructions .

3) Update the Look and Feel (aka Style ) to match the updated store design. Both the CSS and graphics used to support your integration can be updated from the Admin tools. Depending upon your My Account version and modules installed, this may be located under Admin Tools -> Look and Feel or under Admin Tools -> Style Editor or both.

4) Hire us for a coordinated My Account page redesign! (optional)
We understand how much work goes into a redesign project and we want to help make your redesign a seamless success. With literally hundreds of redesign projects under our belts, we can coordinate with your designers to seamlessly match PD features to the new look and feel of your store.

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