How to Renew and Install your Turbify API Token

Practical Data uses Turbify's API Token to communicate with your store. This token Practical Data features and Turbify to communicate important information about your store.

API Token Expiration

The Turbify API Token has an initial expiration date of 1 year from the time when the token was created. Prior to expiration, this token must be renewed.

Step 1: Renewing your API Token

Approximately 30-60 days before the token expires, Turbify will send a renewal notice with instructions for renewal. If you do not receive this email, you can also see this information within your Practical Data Admin Dashboard notifications.

Renew your Turbify API Token from the Store Control Panel under:

Store Control Panel -> Order Settings -> Real-Time Links -> API Settings

Find the token labeled Practical Data, Inc. (ypa-005259428546) with the latest expiration date, select the checkbox to the right and click the Renew Selected button. To avoid unnecessary renewals, set the expiration date of the new token to a date several years into the future. (Make a note of the date that you choose as you will need it in the final step below.)

Turbify will send a new API token to you via email.

Step 2: Installing your new Turbify API Token     (Don't forget this step!)

Once you receive the new Turbify API Token, you should copy it to your clipboard.
Then sign-in to your Practical Data Admin Dashboard and proceed to:

Admin Dashboard -> General Settings -> Turbify API

Overwrite the old token with the new one and set the new expiration date accordingly.
Practical Data's features will now continue to communicate with your store in a seamless fashion.

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