Insights Reporting Engine Add-On

Gather valuable insights on customers and export data for highly targeted marketing.
Gain valuable insights to bolster marketing efforts and better target customers with offers. View your customers by orders placed, products purchased, revenue spent and date of last order(s). Segment data by all customers, customers with an account or customers without an account including date ranges. View all the buyers for a particular product and export their names and emails for highly targeting marketing efforts. Additionally, you may import all order data going back to the very first order received on your store.
  • Reports include data for ALL customers (not just customers with accounts)
  • Import tool to pull in all of your orders for reporting
  • View Reports and Export as CSV files
  • View Customers by Revenue, Date of Last Order, Etc.
  • View and Export Customer Buyer Lists by Product
  • Generate Product Bestseller lists
This Add-On requires a PD/ONE Subscription. Learn more.
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