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Add intelligent search to your store with customizable search displays, filtering and sorting, adjustable search logic and more.

Integrates natively with other PD/ONE features including Product Reviews, Insights, Loyalty & Referral Rewards, Wholesale and Inventory Connector.

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$ 500 00


  • Order Data (Best Sellers) Factored into Search Algorithm
    Via the Yahoo! Orders API, we capture both historical and up to the minute best seller data.
  • Customizable Search Displays
    Search templates allow you to tweak, customize or completely replace the search results display to suit your specific design requirements.
  • Configurable Filtering and Sorting
    Set up filtering for specific fields and attributes that are used in your store such as price, category, brand and more etc.
  • Synonyms and Redirect Manager
    Administration tools to manage product synonyms and create automatic URL redirects for specific keywords or phrases.
  • Product Review Integration
    Automatic integration of PD Product Reviews with built-in star displays and algorithm adjustment based on overall ratings.
  • Live Inventory Integration
    Sort and display results in real-time with optional PD Inventory integration module.

Integration Points

  • PD/ONE Product Reviews
    Automatically displays review stars and adjust listings based on rating. Well-regarded products factor into the search algorithm.
  • PD/ONE Rewards
    Displays rewards promotional messaging within your search results.
  • PD/ONE Inventory Connector
    Automatically adjust the ranking of in stock vs. out of stock products.
  • PD/ONE Wholesale
    Display wholesale-user-specific pricing within the search results.

Simple Subscription Pricing

  • Choose the plan that best fits your store.

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