PD/ONE Broadcaster

Present timely messsaging and offers to your customers

Overview & Benefits

PD/ONE Broadcaster allows you to quickly and easily deploy attractive and conversion boosting promotions and/or messaging to your store!
Display messaging across multiple domains and platforms (e.g. www. , m. , myaccount. , search, , etc).

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One-time Setup Fee

$ 200 00


  • Rotating promotions banner with ability to expand with further messaging (e.g. images, text, coupon codes, email sign up forms, etc.).
  • Administration/ Control panel to remotely and easily manage all aspects of your promotion / offer messaging. All displays/email templates are customizable.
  • Add start/end date timing to automate deployment and create urgency for customers with a countdown timer. E.g. X Hours until Christmas Shipping Deadline! X Hours until this coupon expires, etc.
  • Requires NO store publish to update/launch promotions. Update your promotions and messaging in a few minutes! Promotions are stored in a cache busted Javascript file, guaranteeing your customers see up to the minute available offers.
  • Responsive ready with the ability to simultaneously launch mobile optimized promotions. Additionally, offer alternate promotions ONLY available on mobile devices. Automatically integrates to the PD/ONE Mobile Module.
  • All promotions/messages offer integrated sharing (social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and email. All social and email shares are tracked and viewable in the control panel reporting tool.
  • CDN hosted files library included for optimal load and reliability of promotion/message content.
  • Dedicated promotions landing page and dedicated individual promotion pages (for linking and sharing).
  • Show specific promotions only to logged-in customers.
  • Optionally, include/list products on the promotionís dedicated page (e.g. applicable products that are related to the offer).
  • Extremely flexible. For example, include a newsletter/email signup form in your promotion/message banner.
  • Appears on all sub-domains (e.g. www, myaccount, search, etc).

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