PD/ONE Mobile

Optimized mobile storefront for your Turbify Store

Overview & Benefits

Practical Data brings 8 years of proven, mobile conversion experience to the table with the latest version of PD/ONE Mobile for Turbify Stores.

  • Faster Loading vs. Responsive Design
  • Optimized CDN Delivery
  • Up to 10X Faster Publish Times*
  • Native Integration with other PD/ONE features

  • * With new Turbo Publish feature enabled.

Select Your Plan & Options

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Select a Subscription

Standard Up to 500 orders per month
$ (69) / mo
$ (745) / year
$62.08 / mo
Professional 500 - 2,500 orders per month
$ (99) / mo
$ (1070) / year
$89.17 / mo
Enterprise 2,500 - 5,000 orders per month
$ (259) / mo
$ (2795) / year
$232.92 / mo
One-time Setup Fee $

E.g. "www.mystore.com"

Please contact us for a pricing estimate if your volume exceeds 5,000+ orders per month.

Standard Setup & Design Fee

$ 2,000 00

Features & Benefits

Proven Conversion & Revenue Booster

With 200+ mobile Turbify stores launched, we've watched the analytics closely. A mobile optimized version of your store is better for customers and is a proven conversion booster. As every merchant knows, increased conversion is money in the bank.

No Transaction Fees!

Pay NO additional transaction fees for sales generated by mobile shoppers. Orders are taken through your regular Turbify checkout process.

Design Included, Best in Class Customization Tools

If it works on your standard store, it works on your mobile. Whether you have multiple images, special item ordering displays or real-time inventory - we can make it work. Offering a similar, but optimized buying process across your Desktop and mobile stores enables improved conversion and happy customers.

Our included standard customization package includes design services to best match graphics, fonts, colors and style used on your standard store.

Power to the Merchant

You get the steering wheel with our mobile solution. Don't be stuck waiting for a developer to add promotional graphics or other changes. We offer a robust administration area to fully manage and customize your mobile site design. Easily update products on your homepage, mobile content, template design and more. Use CSS and HTML - no RTML required!

Hands Off Management

Your mobile store will automatically categorize sections and products exactly as they appear on your full store. Optionally hide pages from mobile or override to provide alternate categorization and displays wherever needed.

Integrated Analytics

Track all aspects of your mobile store performance. Quickly enable Google by providing your account ids and/or add your tagging to dedicated tagging files in your PD/ONE Mobile Admin.

Full Mobile Integration of other PD/ONE Features

All PD/ONE features are fully mobile-ready. If you have PD/ONE My Account, Loyalty & Referral Rewards, Product Reviews, Questions & Answers or other features, they will be included and fully functional on your mobile store with no fuss. From pre-fill of customer information during mobile checkout to PD/ONE Product Reviews or Rewards, they'll just work.

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