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SEO Friendly Reviews Content Published to Your Home & Category Pages
from $ 39
per month
One-time Setup Fee $250
  • All subscription plans include the full feature set
  • Your plan is based on average monthly order count (over last year)
  • Contact us for annual plan pricing and discounts
Our automated service updates your store pages daily with SEO friendly content and product recommendations aggregated from approved/published customer product reviews.
  • Daily Search Engine Optimization for Better Google Rankings

    • We crawl your store hierachy to create parent/child relationships for all pages.
    • Your category pages will only display featured reviews relevant to the products and sub-categories contained within.
    • Reviews content aggregates and posts daily as you approve new reviews and keeps your store fresh in the eyes of search engines and users.
  • Automated Merchandising of your Best Regarded Products

    Product information is included with each review (image, text/link, pricing) to automatically merchandise pages with well regarded items.
  • Seamless Integration

    • We implement the display zones to best match your store's look & feel.
    • All displays have customizable templates for ease of design updates or changes.
    • Settings to control number of reviews displayed per page, minimum rating requirement (e.g. only 4 star or higher reviews) and minimum word count.
  • Enhance Your Homepage

    • We can implement an optional zone to your home page with recently received product reviews.
    • Product information is included with each review (image, text/link, pricing).
    • Updates daily as you approve new reviews.
  • Turbify Catalog API Integration

    Automatically publishes SEO-friendly aggregated reviews content to the HTML of your Turbify Store pages.

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$62.08 / mo
Enterprise 2,500 - 5,000 orders per month
$ (99) / mo
$ (1070) / year
$89.17 / mo
One-time Setup Fee $250.00

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