PD/ONE Secure Login Options

IMPORTANT: Recent Browser Changes

The latest Chrome and Firefox browsers are much more proactive in warning customers about submitting insecure forms. It is now more important than ever to upgrade your PD/ONE My Account to use Secure Login.

How do I upgrade to Secure Login?

Step 1) Make sure you are on a PD/ONE hosting plan

  • SSL support is not available for legacy hosting plans.

Step 2) Choose your SSL option

    Shared Domain SSL (no additional fees)
    • Securely hosts pages using a shared SSL certificate.
    • Features are hosted under: https://<yourstoredomain>.practicaldatacore.com
    • No additional fees required.
    • Available for PD/ONE plans (not available for legacy hosting plans)
    Same Domain SSL (additional fees apply)
    • All PD/ONE pages load under SSL with a domain-specific certificate.
    • Pages are hosted under: https://myaccount.<yourstoredomain>.com
    • Requires PD/ONE Dedicated SSL Service
    • Available for PD/ONE plans (not available for legacy hosting plans)

For Turbify Stores that are not updated to HTTPS/SSL...
    Step 3) Configure your Secure Header/Footer Template
    • Update using Admin Tools > Secure Login > Secure Header/Footer Template
    • For non-SSL Turbify Stores, the standard Turbify Header/Footer cannot be used under SSL because it contains non-HTTPS references that would show a broken lock" and/or block those assets from being loaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I use my existing Turbify Store Header/Footer as the Secure Header/Footer?
  • A: Yes, if you have upgraded your Turbify Store to HTTPS, then the Turbify Store Header/Footers is SSL-ready and can be used for PD/ONE features. If you have a Turbify Store that has not been upgraded to SSL, you must prepare/customize a secure version of the header/footer under Admin Tools > Secure Login > Secure Header/Footer Template .
  • Q: My web site doesn't store credit cards or particularly sensitive information. Is it still important to put the login under SSL?
  • A: Yes! It is still important. Your customers may be using the same email/password combination on your web site that they use for sites with much more sensitive information. It is important that the login credentials be protected. Additionally, as of 2017, many browsers have started displaying not secure and/or broken lock warnings for non-SSL pages under many different circumstances. Full SSL is your best option for both securing customer data and cultivating customer trust.
  • Q: I've switched to Secure Login, but my customers are still receiving security warnings and/or seeing a broken lock when browsing my store. What is wrong?
  • A: The most likely issue is that there are still http-referenced elements in your header/footer or inside a JS or CSS file that is being loaded by your secure header/footer. When sites are under SSL/https, it is necessary that *all* externally referenced elements - images, javascript files, css references, etc. - are loaded via https. A single non-HTTPS referenced element can cause the browser lock to disappear, display a broken lock or cause elements not to load on the page.
  • Q: When someone clicks Search in my header or submits an email address, they receive a form submitted is not secure warning. How can I fix that?
  • A: To avoid the insecure form submission message, forms that are included in your Secure Login Header/Footer (such as search or email submission forms) must point to an HTTPS location. You may need to reach out to 3rd party search vendors and email partners to ensure that they support HTTPS.
  • Q: Why does Full SSL require additional fees?
  • A: Sites using Full SSL require a dedicated, domain-specific SSL certificate that must be purchased, renewed and re-installed on a periodic basis. Additionally, a more sophisticated hosting arrangement is necessary for us to provide high-performance and robust service for dedicated SSL.

If you have additional questions about Secure Login or SSL, please feel free to contact us at PD/ONE Support.
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