PD/PINION Progressive SEO & Copywriting Service

Improve Page Quality, Authority and Reach

Overview & Benefits

Pinion provides writing services to progressively improve content quality, brand authority and organic reach through advanced SEO strategies and social engagement.

With a dedicated writer and monthly reserved block of hours, we assess and outline a plan to best improve your store experience over time. This may include enhancements to landing page content, product descriptions, blog articles, social media efforts and brand personality.

Choose a Plan

Initial Consultation

  • We analyze and review your site to provide a report on recommended areas of improvement.
  • We outline a strategy to deploy these improvements based on the number of working hours you have signed on for.

Improve SEO, Increase Organic Traffic

  • We work to greatly improve page quality & authority through superior content.
  • We ensure your store does not use standard manufacturer's copy or other duplicate content found on other competitor websites which can harm your natural search listing positions.
  • We improve and expand existing descriptions into enhanced, meaningful, keyword rich versions.
  • We make descriptions more informative, readable and entertaining for customers. To make these improvements, we research the marketplace, read product reviews and/or question & answer content, research manufactuer specifications and descriptions and work with the merchant to gain insight.
  • Long term, we consistently verify your store's content is not being used by other competing websites, which can harm your results in search engines.
  • Pages with no or minimal content will be updated with a unique and well developed SEO copy.
  • We aim to increase traffic from long-tail searches with a larger set of overt and inferred keywords.

Increase Brand Quality & Personality

  • We work with you to better position and develop your brand's personality in the marketplace.
  • On-page, we write unique, compelling content that appeals to your customers so they have a better sense of who you are as a company.
  • Off-page, we add to your existing brand personality by giving your site a larger and more active social media presence.

Content We Target

  • Pivotal Landing Pages
    • We assess to find pages best targeted for improvement such as key category, brand pages and best selling products.
    • We take a top-down approach, starting with the pages with highest potential ROI.
  • Product Descriptions
    • Update standard manufacturer's copy so that it is unique, eliminate any other duplicate content issues.
    • Incorporate customer feedback from reviews, Q&A and any merchnat insights.
  • Promotional and Social
    • Parlay new content into social posts (e.g. new product, promotions, informative)
    • Improve natural search traffic by deploying in-depth information on a new product, brand, promotion or company news.
    • Utilize customer reviews and/or question and answer content for a pertinent article that can improve conversion on particular products.
    • Various formats and lengths for use in email marketing, social media posts as well as other marketing efforts.
  • Articles and Company Brand Development
    • About Us page.
    • Professionally-written, original articles to enhance your company's unique personality, helping define your brand.
    • Consistent social posts to stay fresh and relevant.


  • We track updates in Google Analytics to compare reach and performance improvements with historical data.
  • We check on updated pages to verify that any duplicate content issues are resolved.
  • We use periodic reviews and check points to watch for competitors using your unique content.


  • We deliver competed work in both document and spreadsheet formats.
  • Optionally, we can manage updating your store directly with content and posting to social channels on your behalf.

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