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1,000+ Merchants Served since 2002

In my opinion, Practical Data is one of the best Yahoo developers! All of their features work seamlessly with my Yahoo store and are well integrated into my site design. I am a very happy customer! What I am most happy with is not their coding work, which I have to say is impressive, but also their backend management features for me as a store owner. Seriously, use Practical Data...you will not be sorry.
Chris Johnson - PegasusLighting.com

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did in integrating the customer rewards program to lionsdeal.com. Our customers love it and it has had an immediate impact in our average order value. That means we also love it! I also appreciate your working on our site at 4 AM which I know because of your email response when we did find a bug. Your quick response made it a non-isuue to us. It's great to know
Fred Schulman - LionsDeal.com
As a Yahoo store owner for over 12 years and having over 40 stores in our portfolio, we rely on Practical Data for their out of the box thinking. They not only create amazing Yahoo Store features such as the My Account Add on, but they ALWAYS take the time to explain their software and how it can help me in my business. They have been an important business partner for us for over 3 years and I look forward to many more.
Joseph Tantillo - GreekGear.com
Treasured Locks has been working with Practical Data for about seven years. Practical Data has enabled Treasured Locks to project a big store presence on the internet even though we are only a Mom & Pop operation. Our store looks is easy to use and the design instills confidence in prospects landing on our website. Practical Data constantly develops tools to help us better serve our customers which has had a tremendous impact on our bottom line. We worked with several designers before we discovered Practical Data. And we have been in touch with consulting firms since. Practical Data consistently is the most reliable and most cost effective we have found.
Brian Smith - TreasuredLocks.com
We first signed on with Practical Data to handle our in-house reviews as we needed a feature rich application that was also indexable (oddly hard to find back at that time). We've been extremely pleased with their system, the recent enhancements as well as their customer support so having them handle our mobile store wasn't a big stretch. The build and implementation went smoothly and as it's hitting our yahoo cart the operational backend and tracking are seemless.

We've seen an increase in revenue of 127% in the 9 months we've been live with our mobile site. While one could argue that mobile traffic is up across the board (as we did) we also saw our conversion rate double. In addition to the reviews and mobile store, we also use their account history/management application which has been good for us as well. Overall it's been great working with them and we look forward to implementing some of their upcoming releases.
Recently we decided it was time to revamp our product reviews platform as we were looking for something that allowed our customers to not only leave a rating, but also leave detailed descriptions on why they chose that rating. On top of that, our reviews at the time weren't getting us any SEO benefit. After working with Practical Data on our new reviews platform we're not only getting more comprehensive reviews as well as SEO benefits, but we're getting a lot more reviews in general. We're approving around 100 a day!
Brian Schwank- RockBottomGolf.com
We have been working with Practical Data since 2009. Since then we completed several projects including revamp the existing website, integrating MyAccount System along with Reward System and Product Reviews, mobile site integration with existing webstore advanced pagination features and few other custom functions for specific needs of our business. The highly advanced functionality and features they built and integrated for our Yahoo store are the must-haves for our business. They are highly motivated, fearlessly committed and persistently improving to meet and exceed the needs of ever-growing competitive internet retailing industry.
Gokhan Erkavun- BeautyBridge.com
1,000+ Merchants Served Since 2002
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