Turbify to Turbify Transition (April 2023)

How will PD/ONE be impacted during the Turbify to Turbify Service Transition?

Turbify Stores will be undergoing a hosting and URL transition in late April 2023 that may affect some PD/ONE Services.

Specifically, Practical Data has two services that will be affected: Product Reviews and Q&A

You have our PD/ONE Product Reviews feature, so you will be affected as follows. Product Reviews will operate normally except that when you approve reviews, those reviews will not appear in your store. The newly approved or otherwise updated reviews content will not update in your store until the Catalog API access is restored.

The reason for this is that, for Turbify stores, we use the Catalog API to populate PD/ONE Reviews and Q&A content directly into your store catalog, which then goes live when you publish the store.

If you have significant concerns about this, contact support@practicaldata.com . As an alternative, we can switch you to a Javascript-based integration for your store, which we use in special cases and for some other platform integrations. This is not quite as good from a performance and SEO standpoint, but it would alleviate the issue of the Catalog API being unavailable.

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