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All of Practical Data's features can be purchased on our website as a one-time cost for setup & customization plus an annual hosting and service fee. Upgrades to features may be purchased (optionally) as they become available. Our unique pricing model allows merchants to efficiently deploy and customize their store features while minimizing recurring third party service fees.

Compare 3 Popular Practical Data Modules with Our Competitors:

Practical Data Premium Hosting Standard at $649/year vs. Other 3rd Party Features

  Practical Data Competition
Product Reviews Included at $649/year $99+/month
Questions and Answers Included at $649/year $99+/month
Mobile Store Included at $649/year $99+/month
Total Annual Subscription Cost $649 $3,600+
SAVE $2,950+ Annually!

1st Year Setup + Annual Cost of Subscription

  Practical Data Competition
Product Reviews $999 Flat Rate $99+/mo.
Questions and Answers $999 Flat Rate $99+/mo.
Mobile Store $1,999 Flat Rate $99+/mo.
Total Setup Cost $3,987 $399+
Total Annual Cost $649 $3,600+
1st Year Setup + Annual Subscription Cost $4,646 $4,000+

Pricing Comparison over 5 years

Total Cost After... Practical Data Competition You Save
Year 1 $4,646 $4,000+ ($646 +/-)
Year 2 $649 $3,600+ $2,951+
Year 3 $649 $3,600+ $5,902+
Year 4 $649 $3,600+ $8,853+
Year 5 $649 $3,600+ $11,804+
SAVE $11,804+ over 5 years

Need a rewards program, wholesale system, back in stock notifications or other add-ons? Your annual fee stays the same only adding one-time setup and customization fees.

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