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*The following extensions are only available with the Practical Data My Account system. Check Box to Add to Order
Loyalty & Social Rewards Program
Encourage repeat visits by awarding points for purchases. Create and manage any number of rewards available for redemptions.

Insights - Customer & Item Summary Reporting
Gain valuable insights to bolster marketing efforts and better target customers with offers. View your customers by orders placed, products purchased, revenue spent and date of last order(s). Segment data by all customers, customers with an account or customers without an account including date ranges. Also, you may import all order data going back to the first order received.

Address Book
Allow all customers to store multiple shipping/billing addresses available for selection on checkout pages.

Order Search and Review
Conveniently search for orders from your administration area. Review order details and shipping status information. Also, allow customers to search their order history.

Order Status
Allow customers to check order status via a dedicated Order Status link on your site.

End of Checkout Account Invitation
Display an invitation to create an account (on order confirmation screen) if user does not have account. Pre-fills registration info from current order to make sign-up quick and easy.

Back in Stock Email Notifications
Add a button on product pages to Email me when item is available . Logged-in customers have their information pre-filled.

Customer Favorites / Wishlist
Allow customers to keep a list of their favorite products. Includes functionality that allows customers to share and email their list to friends and family. Customers may also perform a multiple add to cart from their list.

Dynamic Pricing Tiers / Wholesale
Create and manage pricing tiers and user groups.

Dynamic Shipping / Payment Options for Wholesale Module
Add-on for dynamic pricing module. Allows you to offer alternate shipping or payment options based on the user.


More Advanced Features

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Mobile Yahoo! Store & Checkout
Generate a mobile version of your Yahoo! Store for iPhone, Android and more. Includes mobile search as well as full My Account and extensions support for mobile.

Product Reviews
Add a robust and Google and SEO friendly reviews system to your store.

Questions & Answers
Engage customers & increase buying confidence with valuable merchant and customer generated content.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search feature provides dynamic filtering and sorting capabilities that intelligently guide your customers to the products they are looking for. Utilizes store sales data to provide accurate results.
*This feature requires premium hosting.


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